Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Combine four Husky football players, Emily, Channon, their two older sisters, moms, two photographers, Two Soul employees and a teenage sister of a Soulumination child, and you are bound to have a great time. A few of the resulting photos are posted here today and they will be used to kick off the sales of the "Husky Nation" CD that Husky wide receiver Alex Mercier has worked so hard to produce. We will soon have a slide show up on the site, and a way to preorder your copy. I know these will be such fun Husky memorabilia and the price will be $6.95 plus handling and shipping if you order online, with the proceeds going to fund the work with the families of Soulumination. We need to count on your support as the requests are coming at such a steady pace.

We had help this past week from a very talented photographer named Sandra Coan. She stepped in to work with a family at Children's since I was headed out of town for a little break when the call came. This was our first local attempt at sending someone other than myself to work with one of our families. We heard from the mom today that Sandra was exactly what they were hoping for, and they sent such gracious thanks even though they haven't yet seen her photographs. I have seen the excellent results of Sandra's efforts and I am so proud that she has agreed to be of service again in the future.

I worked with two new Soul families yesterday and I was smitten with both. In the morning a beaming young baldy walked into my courtyard with her lovely mom and sister. She has eyelashes that are so exquisite with her baldness and she is personality itself. I have never met a more beautiful trio, and their faith, sacrifices and hope in this battle against a very rare cancer are so inspiring. I will share photos once releases are signed as I know you will all see their unbeatable radiance. I visited Children's hospital later that afternoon to meet with a darling baby and his dad. I will get to meet mom and maybe the lively older brothers when this little fellow weighs ten pounds and returns for heart surgery. This baby has already gotten through so many hurdles and is hopefully going home to put on that needed weight to be ready for the next operation. His dad is another determined and loving parent who just seems to know he can meet difficulties and work through them. This father is a person with such easygoing friendliness that I felt so comfortable and welcome in their room. He also mentioned that they would like to share their son's story and photos so you will get to see them soon.

Llewelyn called last night with the best news: while shopping at a co-op in Olympia, she got to see Serena Joy's sweet parents and their new son. I had just gotten news of his arrival in late June and had written that I would be so excited to see him sometime when I am down visiting our Lulu. This little foundation has given the Johnson family so many new friends.

My heartfelt thanks for the generous donations from Channon's family, another from one of my latest bride and grooms, and our lovely friends who are the proud parents of little Henry that I wrote about last week. We received another call this morning about a family that is being referred to us by Providence, so the kindness of your generosity goes out to the community with love and grace.

In love and peace, Lynette