Saturday, June 03, 2006

Yesterday I met with three wonderful photographers to discuss the possibility of them working with families when I am unavailable or if the work load becomes too much for my schedule. I am so delighted that all three are willing to give their talent to our project. My heartfelt thanks to Amy, Jeremy and Susan, as they start to work with us I will post released images and they will be incorporated into our gallery that will soon be remodeled on the web site. We have many new children to post but need to revamp the site to make it function smoothly with all the lovely faces. I am posting today some shots taken by my wonderful new friend Sarah Mattingly who worked with Dylan and his parents back East. Dylan is our 5th Tay Sachs child and I am thrilled with the beautiful work by Sarah. He is pictured with his younger brother and his mom. I am also posting a shot that Susan took of me working with Taryn and her family from California when they came up last week for family photos.

I am heading off to our cabin for a few days after I have the pleasure of working at a wonderful wedding today. Auni comes in to edit photos this morning and make the gifts for our recent child who suffers from a brain tumor. I am very pleased with the photos and I am happy to think that her aunt and I have been in contact via email to work on a photo she took recently that needed some touch up. The mom had asked if we could enhance the photo and my friend Stephen has done a most remarkable job. Our little one is still with us and I hold her and her family snuggly in my heart and soul as they move through the days ahead. She is just so spirited and beautiful.

In love and peace, Lynette