Monday, June 19, 2006

Just a few quick lines to say I am so excited to have both of my amazing daughters home for the next 4 days. Their presence is such a treasure that I am feeling very blessed. They will get to see their grandparents tomorrow and I will record this time and share some of the results. Our Father's Day was very special as Doug and I spent the day on Bainbridge at his dad's. Its always a pleasure to watch my husband do what he does best and yesterday that was helping his siblings paint the exterior of his father's new home. Doug really is such a hard worker and its easy to see that he loves being available to his father. I will enjoy time tomorrow with my dad. He has really made an effort over the past 5 years and I am proud of what must be a huge struggle against a tough addiction.

Today I chatted with my friend Scott who is the administrator for the Palliative Care Unit at Children's and told him that I think Soulumination is moving ahead with such wonderful purpose and I am pleased that things are working smoothly. This unit has been the backbone of our referrals and each member of the team has been so kind in their guidance and support.

Some of the parents of the Soul children have sent me the most enlightening emails. I want to thank James' mom, Noah H's mom, and Jenny's sister for sharing emails in the last few days that help keep me inspired. All of you who email lift my spirits and remind me that this little gift can have such lasting results. Please know that I so appreciate your words.

I am very appreciative of the fact that Chelle Haney in California was willing to work with a family in her state when it was not possible for me to travel to fulfill their request myself. The first photo she shared from the shoot was so very beautiful. I thank Jennifer Stoeck for the time she is putting in to create a new gallery format for this web site. I am thrilled with the design and will be proud to share it with the world upon completion. We have new families to share, but I am waiting on release forms and then I will post some of them here on the blog.

In love and great peace, with my daughters by my side, Lynette