Friday, June 23, 2006

The days with my daughters passed much too quickly, but it was such a wonderful visit. A few of the photos are back and I am posting one of my husband with our eldest, McKenzie. I am definately missing them so much and have been a little teary if anyone mentions them right now. I am so proud of our daughters and know that I am indeed blessed.

While the girls were home we received a message that there was a family that might want photos of their son, who had been flown to Children's from a small hospital in Eastern Washington due to traumas at birth. A co-worker of the mother called and I encouraged her to have someone close to this young couple tell them about our service. In less than an hour there was a voicemail from the dad saying that they would love to have me come. I left early the next morning to work with this very handsome baby boy. I commend his parents for their amazing foresight and the decisions that were making. The lasting legacy of their son will most likely mean healthier days ahead for many children. They touched me deeply and I have much admiration for their bravery and grace.

I am posting today photos of a charmer that I worked with a few weeks ago. She came to my studio with her lovely family and I think she is just one in a million. Her smile and personality are just so winning. Her story and more photos will be on our updated gallery sometime later this summer. Her name is Gabby and I am happy to share her radiance with all of you. In love and peace, Lynette