Friday, June 30, 2006

As the temperature has heated up here in Seattle so has the activity here at Soul headquarters. Yesterday I visited clients who have become wonderful friends and currently my husband is building them a new home. They have a new son who has had a rocky start and I am so excited to report that he is now home and doing so well. This shoot was a gift from Doug and I but the mom had so many insights to share that are directly appropriate to our work here at Soulumination. Her experiences at the hospital and her feelings as a mom going through such a birth are profound. The feelings that flooded over her the first time she saw him after his emergency delivery were filled with not only love but real shock at the reality of all the medical attention he required. As women, which of us really ever thinks of this possibility if we have not experienced it ourselves or with someone close to us. Her experience tells me that we all must be open and supportive of those whose deliveries have been less than ideal. It will be such a pleasure to watch this little guy grow.

Today I did my first shoot at Group Health since the death of my niece 9 years ago. I am pleased to say that little Joshua's life is full of promise even though he has spent the first 4 months of his life in the hospital. He may get to go home on the 4th of July if tests continue to show improvement. He is one handsome little guy and is special to me in that he is the son of one of the lovely couple'sfor whom I recorded their wedding. Their journey has been another rough one and is fabulous to see that he is making such great progess. I was so touched to see that the nurses are making lovely collages of digital photos of each baby. These little poster like creations are very cheerful and I very pleased with the fact that they take the time to honor each little one with such caring additions to the legacy of these tiny survivors.

In minutes clients will arrive that are such a special part of Soulumination. Benny's parents are coming for photos of their daughter Katie. Benny was such a happy and darling little boy that his loss touched us all deeply. I couldn't be more honored that his parents are trusting me to capture Katie's spirit in a special way.

We are proud to say that we may have the opportunity to partner with the Husky football team for a fund raising effort. I have a friend on the team who is one heck of a musician and he has written and produced 6 hip hop 'fight' songs that are performed by the players. This is Alex's senior project and we would help with distribution and PR and we would benefit from the sale of each disc. If this works out it will be such a powerful pairing of the tiny with the brute force of the men of the Husky football program. We need a steady source of funds as the requests have almost doubled in one year's time. We are all excited and if this happens I will hope that all you rabid Husky fans will buy one of these unique pieces of Husky history. I will hopefully do a short promo shoot next Friday with some of the players and our little Channon and Emily.

Today I am posting photos of one of our dear Soul babies, Trevor who recently moved with his family to Indiana. I was priviledged to meet this little guy before he left our fair state. He has a rare disorder called Zellweger's syndrome. His parents will stay in touch and I admire them in so many ways. They are walking that path that we all dread and doing it with grace and wisdom. They seem to live fully in each moment with their son and have a way of accepting him joyfully into their daily life even though his time with them may be short.

Have a safe and happy 4th. In love and peace, Lynette