Thursday, May 11, 2006

Its been a busy week and I would like to share with you some photos of an amazing baby named Bryant who is defying all odds and will beat the devastating diagnosis of a rare blood condition that had a 5% survival rate. I am thrilled to say he is getting ready to travel back home to Montana. His victory seems similar to that of our beloved Emily. I received an update from her parents and she continues to make progress on all fronts and is living with all great signs of having beaten her leukemia.

I have worked with three new families this week. The first came to visit me here in my Ballard studio and she is a beauty indeed. She reminds me of our lovely Charlotte as she has the most amazing large eyes and such a dreamy quality to her face. Her parents are such wonderful, caring people who had so much to share with me about how this wonderful child has added to their life.

The second family lives in Sammamish and the devoted mom had called me herself to ask if I would consider taking shots of their son who was born with a very rare genetic syndrome. They will be moving soon to the midwest and I am so honored to have had time with these three and thelively and lovely 2 year old sister and their charming little dog. Again, this couple had words of wisdom and kindness that made the day seem so very blessed. This tiny baby lost his grandpa just days before his birth. I know this time has been so hard on this family but they greeted me with so much grace that it melted me completely.

Just a few hours ago I returned from Children's hospital where I worked with a young native American couple and their infant son. This handsome little baby was surrounded by so many adoring relatives and I was glad to be able to have enough time to take shots for each family member as they kissed and held this little guy.

I am pleased to say that our new employee, Christine is already accomplishing so much. Days are sometimes long and hard for me and I know she will soon make a difference by lightening my work load here in the office. Auni is of course doing a great job of transfering needed information. Sarah is here Tuesdays only to do all the work involving the actual photographs and gifts for each family. I am starting to see that we can run an efficient and meaningful foundation and still maintain a quality of life needed to nurture my own family and loved ones. I thank all of you who help make this work possible.

I am so pleased with the results of the hard work of my good friend June Noren and Soniquest Music and Flicker and Blur for the beautiful work on the video that I will email out hopefully by tomorrow, you can also click here or on the collage below to see it on the site.

I am so hopeful that the video will inspire people to give funds to keep this all moving forward. If you receive the video via email please pass it on to all those you know who might want to see what we are doing and might be willing to be of support. We are receiving more requests than ever so funding without a lot of hoopla is very important. I am tired after all that we have done this week alone and hope I never have to stage a big fundraiser as I know the real work must be with the families. I close as always, in love and peace, Lynette