Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I had the pleasure of meeting yet another wonderful family at Children's Hospital yesterday. Their son is just 13 months old and is one handsome little guy. He had surgery the day before and woke up while I was there to see the smiling faces of mom, dad, brother and sister. I originally thought I was only going to meet the mom, but the rest of the family joined us and I am so excited that all were included. This little guy has SMA Type II which is Spinal Muscular Atrophy. He is such a charmer that they had to point out to me that he has a new trach tube. I am happy to say that they will let me share photos once they are processed. Watch for this little one to be posted here soon.

Today I am posting a couple of the photos from the speaking engagement in Cleveland. The one shows me with Katie Dolesh's sister. The Dolesh family sponsors the yearly speaker in memory of Katie who was such a powerful person in compassionate work in the Cleveland area.

We have the new video being sent out via email and I hope you will share it with your friends. Sometimes I wonder if I have made it clear that I do my part of Soulumination free of charge. Of course the entire service is free to the families and is covered by donations, but sometimes my friends and advisors say," are you sure people are clear about the fact that your work is all done free of charge?" I want to be clear on that so that you know your donations go directly to the costs of running this organization and providing the shoot for the families. Our new hire, Christine is doing an outstanding job and I can tell that in time I will have more time for myself, which I think is important if I am to continue the project throughout my lifetime. It is such a blessing to meet so many amazing children and their families but I know there is a toll on my emotions and am striving to keep myself in a heatlthy and calm state of mind. If you know of any organization that might have a grant program that could benefit Soulumination, please let me know. Its wearing having to worry about funding when what I really want to do is just honor each request from each new family and speak to help educate about the process of honoring each life.

I speak this week at Meadowdale High School. I always look forward to seeing the work of talented students and sharing with them the fact that photography has been such an amazing profession.

We deliver photos to two new families this week and Auni dropped off to a third family on Saturday. I am thrilled to say that our 5th Tay Sacks child was photographed in Pennsylvania this past week by my dear friend Sarah Mattingly. It is the very first time we have sent a different shooter out to work, but hopefully we will get a few lined up and ready to go in the Seattle area should I feel the need for a break or happen to be busy when a need arises. I will share Sarah's photos with you just as so0n as releases are signed. The shots are stunning and I am so thankful to Sarah for all she has done for us in the DC area.

In love and peace, Lynette