Sunday, May 28, 2006

I don't usually write so often on this blog, but I am so filled with renewed energy that I just had to write. Doug and I just returned from our first concert at the Gorge in George. Yes indeed, we were the oldest attendees at the Sasquatch Festival and I am overwhelmed with all that happened and the beauty of the place and the power of nature. I so needed to experiance the music firsthand by one of my all-time favorite musicians, Ben Harper. He delivered in a way that leaves me singing his praises. A fan could not have asked for more. When he sang "Pleasure and Pain," alone in front of 22,000 young people and two middle-aged parents, I was overcome with the power of his lyrics, even though I know them so well. It sounded so healing and so tender to my heart, which has been a bit raw from all that has happened in the past year.

"I have felt pleasure
and I have felt pain
And I know now
that I can never be the same."

I would never turn my back on this special type of photography. I treasure the children and love their presence in my life. It's just hard to keep balanced between this pleasure and pain, but I promise to try with a pure and open heart. No doubt friends find me preoccupied sometimes but I thank them for accepting the changes in me.

The Festival at the Gorge had so many other wonderful parts that touched my soul: the beauty of the the young people were so kind and welcoming..... how wonderful it was to see my friends Matt and Betty, whose wedding I had the pleasure of recording last year...the incredible feeling when my youngest daughter Llewelyn found me in that crowd and came to listen with Doug and me when the most amazing hailstorm hit----lasting so long that everyone, even those in rain gear, were soaked and laughing with the power and size of the pellets and the drama of the thunder and lightening that shut down the entire venue for 2 and a half hours...sleeping in a field with 15,000 young people and it being totally silent in the middle of the night... leaving the show to hear a chorus of frogs matching the human tunes in grace and soulfulness....and getting Doug's new vehicle stuck in the muddy mess that they call a campground. Good thing the sun was out this morning to hopefully dry out the 'roads' through the campground or it will be a show in itself trying to remove thousands of cars from that mire.

I returned home to great news that Channon's latest scans are looking good! I ran into Barry and his mom when visiting the hospital on Friday and his scans show that some worrisome spots on his lungs haven't disappeared, but they indeed look better and his mom was so happy that we just started laughing with joy. There were three emails that melted me, one a blog about Taryn's visit to Seattle, another from her grandmother thanking us, and one from Conner's mom, was sharing a video she made of the show in Washington, DC. I was moved to tears to get a phone message from old friends that they will be coming to dinner at our new place in Ballard. Since we last saw them they have lost one of their precious daughters and I know that the time with them will be indeed one of renewed friendship as well as shared sorrow. I know that I will grow and feel so touched when seeing these lovely people again.

I am posting a photo of our Llewelyn and me at the Gorge.....If you know anyone who owns one of the companies that has box seats that were mostly empty there last night, tell them you know a crazy middle-aged woman who tries to be a good person and would love to sit in those seats next time Ben or Van or Neil or Dave or Bruce comes to the Gorge, as the mosh pit was exciting but may be a bit much as the years pass by!!!

In love and peace, Lynette