Thursday, May 04, 2006

I didn't get to bed until 1 am today as I had the honor of welcoming my new friend, Finnley, into the world. I nearly got to see the entire birth along with a dozen others, but they whisked mommy Dawnelle and daddy Greg off to an operating room in the last minutes to be sure they were ready in case added medical attention was needed. I salute the staff at Swedish Hospital for their great care of our lovely Dawnelle and her family. Dawnelle is my assistant and such a dear part of the Johnson family life that we have been awaiting this birth with much excitement. Finnley is one beautiful baby girl and I can't wait for another chance to hold her as I think I was fourth in line for that honor last night. I will post her photos as soon as they are processed.

I am pleased to post a few of the most recent photos of my little friend Claire. She brought such light into my studio last week and I am thrilled to share these photos as she truly is such a joy in my life. Claire is the Soul child that is battling Blackfan Diamond anemia. This little girl is a strong one; keep her in your heart.

We are pleased to announce the hiring of Christine Garrigan to work with Soulumination. She was referred to me by a wonderful friend, as was our other top candidate. It was a tough decision, but I am hoping we can incorporate the other finalist into Soul in the future. Auni will start training Christine this coming Monday.

Today I go to lunch with the other foundation heads who are lucky enough to be getting interns from Teens in Public Service. I am so excited to be working with them again this year, as last years interns, Auni and Daniel, are still with us and were such valuable assets to Soulumination.

Soon we will start emailing a slide show about the work of Soulumination to all our families, friends and supporters. It was produced by Flicker and Blur and scored by Soniquest Music. I have seen the piece and it is just so beautiful. I am so hoping that when you receive it you will send it on to your email list, as it's so important that we keep spreading the word and educating the public. Our first newsletter will also be going out later this month and it is my hope that between these two items we will receive enough financial backing to keep strong and viable and ready to fill each request. My heartfelt thanks to June, Bettijean, and Tamara for making the email piece a reality. June really put her heart and soul into this and I know you will recognize that as you view the presentation. Similarly, Lori has been laboring with love over the newsletter and I thank Anne, Mark and Aaron for guiding her to the final product.

I speak at Blanchet High School on the 13th. I am honored to tell the story of my quest to follow my heart from youth to middle age. Photography has been a passion that has led me to count myself one of the luckiest women alive. To do for a living what I do for pleasure and then wrap that into a foundation that is serving such amazing families, well, lets say it leaves me one happy person. In love and peace, Lynette