Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sometimes great days start with the simplest pleasures. This morning at 8:45 one of my clients arrived with her third-born, a lovely daughter for me to record in all her glory on her first birthday. This special time was followed by a soft knocking on my door by my wonderful friend and fellow photographer, Kurt Smith. He brought me the most beautiful brown and green freshly laid eggs from his wife's chickens. Each time he shares these treasures I remember to be thankful for the simple pleasures of life.
I left shortly after this delivery to visit a new Soul family in the Tukwila area. I was greeted at the door by two stunning little girls and their lovely mother. There happened to be a most appealing hospice volunteer with them and she ended up being the most helpful and appropriate assistant. The dad soon made an appearance and I was introduced to their beautiful son. We took many shots of this beautiful boy. His whole being is so angelic. From this stop I headed toward Ronald McDonald house to take a set of photos of our pal Barry with his 14-year-old sister. It was great to see Barry outside the hospital and I was so pleased to see him walking and looking so chipper. Following this shoot I drove across the way to Children's Hospital to work with yet another new Soul family. This young couple has the most delightful and lively little one-year-old boy. His parents proudly told me that he had been given at best a 15% chance of survival and now they are looking to take him home to a life that promises to be one filled with many triumphs. This baby wowed me with his vivacious ways and stunning demeanor.
I arrived home to find that we have been awarded a grant from the Bellevue Rotary Club that will help finance family shoots for parents from the Eastside. As you can tell, we need to keep our funding flowing, as we are being approached for many new families and I would hate to think we would ever have to turn anyone away due to money concerns.
I am posting new photos from DC taken by board member Kelley. They show me with Elise and her family, as well as her nurse, Linny and Timothy's lovely cousin Rebecca. To be pictured with these folks moves me so much as they are indeed such a strong unit and they honor me with such welcomming kindness. I am getting ready for the trip to Cleveland where I will speak to a volunteer appreciation gathering for the Hospice of the Western Reserve. In love and peace, Lynette