Monday, April 17, 2006

I had a lovely Easter in Sequim with my parents, Doug, Llewelyn, my brother Phil and his family. It has been a rough 2 weeks healthwise for my mom, so it was just so nice to be with her. I leave tomorrow morning bright and early for the trip to Cleveland to speak to the volunteers of Hospice of the Western Reserve. It is the longest speech yet, and I am so hoping that the power of the stories will come through yet again to move hearts to even greater heights. The people attending this event will obviously have their spirits in the right place as they already volunteer in hospice and that is such a wonderful gift.

Deb Hamby and I took the show down from the walls at Glazers and had stored them away here in my studio. We are hoping to keep them moving through wonderful venues and with that thought in mind I click my email button to find a request from my dear friends and mentors at Palliative Care here at our own Children's hospital. They would like a number of the photos for display in their new office meeting room. I am thrilled as this group of people and this hospital have been the backbone of this project.

We are thankful that the Pediatric Archives will again show one of the Soul children on their cover. This time it will feature the attached photo of Andrew and his family. This photo makes me smile each time I see it as it was such fun to work with this group.

For the third time I had the pleasure of working with my new friend Camari and her husband today. We are documenting her progress through her treatment for breast cancer. It turns out that our reporter, John Sharify from KOMO had recently done a piece on Camari and her fellow fightfighters, so I emailed him to see if he could link me to that piece. He responded with the most wonderful news: "The story I did with you won the "Regional Murrow" for feature reporting for this year, I just got word. Your story and the stores of the moms and babies, also won the 'writing' award for Pat McReynolds.... and it won a National Press photography award for Jon Knorr, (my photographer) placing honorable mention for feature reporting in the nation! Emmy nominations coming up this Friday night!!! I'll keep you posted. best to you Lynette, John Sharify"

My board has been working hard creating a newsletter and screening applicants for the new hire we are looking for to work here at Soulumination. I am so thankful for this and the fact that we are starting to get grant applications sent out. We received such a lovely donation today from a long time client and friend who had been thinking about Soulumination while recovering from triple by pass. I have photographed her with her daughter and husband many times, plus we shared the joy of her being on a wonderful calendar that documented people who are surviving transplant recepients --- this generous and amazing young woman had a double transplant. It seems sometimes that those most challenged can also be the most caring and inspiring people. Thank you so much for your donation and your example Muff. In love and peace, Lynette