Monday, March 13, 2006

Today was one of such sunshine and beauty here in the Northwest. I had the pleasure of spending time with my wise and beloved father-in-law, Tom Johnson, followed by lunch with Soul moms Joan and Sally, whose children are the inspiration for this project. They have a way of making me feel so strong and purposeful, plus they sure can make me laugh. As I was waiting for the ferry home from visiting them on Bainbridge Island, I checked my messages to find that Ann Simpson had called to tell me that Francisco's body was on its way home to Guatemala and that the family was expecting between 2 and 3 thousand people to come welcome him and to join in his memorial services. That young man did indeed have a soul so purely giving that he drew people to him majestically and magnetically.

I had the honor of talking to both Tim and Angela Carter(pictured above) this evening. They shared so many loving moments from Timothy's passing and his memorial. That little boy has inspired people to give to Tay Sachs and has opened hearts to share in such amazing ways. Like my young friend Derek's priest said about him, Timothy's stated also: in the Catholic faith those who pass before the age of sin are indeed considered saints. It moved me so much to think that each family in their own faith offers to me words and ideas that point to the thing I feel so strongly, that the children I meet end up being such guides and ispirations for me. These young ones and their families show me that there is so much to learn, to experience, and most of all to share. Each one lights the way to the next, and each is a gift in my life that is rare and beautiful. Whether they pass through with one visit or we become friends, it seems that the goodness is so evident and pure.

Even though this past week has been one that was very difficult in so many emotional ways, I am so thankful and pleased to welcome our dear friend and last year's intern back to work at Soulumination. With John's sudden departure, Auni Husted has stepped in to quickly fill in as our adminstrator here at Soulumination. She will work with us until June and will help train our new adminstrator as well as work to schedule shows for the Soulumination Collection. This young woman has just been awarded a major scholarship and we could not imagine any student more deserving.

I spent time on Sunday at Children's Hospital and once again witnessed such amazing mothering and talented and caring nursing staff. Since I had spent a bit of time just visiting Francisco, it was very emotional to walk in the door knowing I will never see his smile again, but was quickly reminded that there are so many beautiful young lives that I am honored to encounter and families that are so very worthy and deserving of a little kindness. I salute the mother and son I met and thank them for a couple of hours in which I learned so much and was able to observe and hopefully capture something so very precious. I close with a peaceful heart, Lynette

"Even if it's a little thing, do something for those in need of help, something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it." Albert Schweitzer