Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Francisco, one of the most saintly young souls I have ever met, has passed from this life today. His father arrived from Guatemala on Saturday and I had the pleasure of meeting him on Monday. To see that father and son together after nearly 4 years apart brought such peace and joy to this sorrowful situation. Francisco had a heart of gold, stamina beyond any teen I have ever known, and a presence that filled you with inspiration and a zest for life. His dear smile and gentle ways definitely are characteristics that shine in his father.
I must mention that the Simpson family was the catalyst in bringing Francisco's father to Seattle. They selflessly put aside their grief for their son Hunter and pursued this agenda to honor the friendship between Hunter and Francisco. I am honored to know them as well as Hunter's girlfriend Gwen. My thanks today to Chris Hopson for setting the forces in motion for me to meet someone as dynamic as Francisco.
My hat is off to the nursing staff at Children's who so lovingly cared for Francisco. Each one I met was so devoted and made such an effort to create an atmosphere of caring around this young man. Today I was speaking with Derek's mom and she reminded me so kindly to keep these nurses in my thoughts as they will grieve and miss Francisco so tenderly. Derek roomed with Francisco at various times and his mom relayed how incredibly thoughtful and appropriate Francisco was each time they shared a space together.
I had the ultimate pleasure of photographing two young friends of Francisco's that he met at Camp Good Times. They arrived with their parents and older brother just minutes after I received the news of the death. I am so thankful for the joy this family brought today. Already I am anxious to see the results of this shoot as it's the first family I have worked with that all have bald heads, one from chemo, one naturally and 3 shaved.
For those of you who are interested, services for Francisco will be Friday from 8 to 9 at St Maria's in Rainier Valley. I am heading to the hospital to spend a few quiet moments in his room. In love and peace, Lynette