Monday, February 20, 2006

Today we hang the show at Glazer's and I hope we will reach many more photographers who will be willing to take their talents into areas of passion that may have meaning beyond their expectations. My sister in law Sally will join John and me in hanging the show, and its always special having her by my side as her daughter Lanie is on of the children to which I dedicate the foundation. The show will be up for a couple months so please drop in to view.
Those of you who saw Barry on KIRO were in for a special treat. That young man was so powerful with his words and his sincerity. I am pleased to say that I was able to be with him again on Saturday to get some shots of him with his sister and his mail. I watched him open his mail and it is amazing his interest and attention to each piece. It was fun to see what people send, everything from licorice to angels to money. I was happy to see that those who could slipped in a few dollars as it is a long road for this delightful family.
I am putting up a new shot of our Emily friend as she is doing so well, and after talking with Colette I think we all just pray that she keeps on this path to health. It is wonderful to see her walking and happy with her wonderful sister by her side being the ultimate cheerleader.
I am loving my new studio and the courtyard is perfect for shooting. With this weather being so beautiful it is a treat to work with my business clients in such a wonderful space. Wedding season is about to start and I so love working with the brides as it brings me such joy and release from some of the emotions that surround me.
I am crossing my fingers that today we will hear if Francisco's father will be coming to Seattle. I had the most lovely evening last Wednesday with Ann and Gwen who have worked so hard to try to make this happen. I also had another wonderful chat with the mother of Andrew who will be coming to my studio for photos on March 1. The parents of these children are so inspiring and so helpful with sharing their thoughts about the work of Soulumination.
In love and peace, Lynette