Sunday, February 12, 2006

Its been very busy this past week and I am delighted that the sun is shining and in a while I will leave to record a committment ceremony. I spoke at Rotary Club of Bellevue this last Tuesday and was pleased that the story of Soulumination seemed to be of interest to the members and that many were kind enough to take time to share their feelings after the meeting. I thank them for donating to a food bank in my name, such a lovely honor. Millard Lesch, longtime friend and client, was my contact to this group and I am hoping to convince him to join Soulumination in setting some long term strategy.
On Friday evening Doug and I went to visit Francisco at Children's. We did not get to spend time with him as he was busy being cared for by his wonderful nurses. I did pop in and say good night to Barry and his mom, who I am thrilled to picture here today. He is back in the hospital and I hope that he will be receiving many Valentines from all of you. His address is included in previous blogs so you can check there and mail him a cheery greeting. We also had the pleasure of visiting with a new Soul family who will be coming to have photos on the first of March. Once again a new family that is so charming and loving that it is so inspiring to be with them.
Yesterday was Sydney's memorial and I thought it was perfectly lovely. The words, music and photos of her life left me reeling with thoughts of all she was and did in her short years. I ended my little talk about my relationship with her and our mutual love of art with words that I think speak so clearly about artists: "You have your brush, you have your colors, You paint paradise, then in you go." Nikos Kazantikas. It was great to have my brother-in-law, Mark Johnson, seated by my side to keep me a little grounded with his support as it was a day of high emotion honoring this special friend.
I met with John and Kelley today to work out the details of the upcoming show in DC. It will be the first week in April and will hang for a couple of months in the Children's Hospital in DC. If you know of anyone that would like to attend please email their name and address. I am so excited that Kelley, our board member, will be back in DC and will shepherd me through this experience. Two weeks following this adventure I will be speaking in Cleveland at the volunteer appreciation night for Hospice of the Western Conference. Again, if you know anyone who would like to attend and lives in that area, please email their address.
In Seattle you will get to see 30 pieces of The Collection displayed at Glazer's Camera beginning February 20th. I am so appreciative of the interest shown by the Lackman family in this work. They are supportive friends and it gives me a thrill to think of the Soul children being viewed by so many talented photographers. There will be pieces hanging in all three of their buildings, so please visit them.

A lovely letter arrived in the mail yesterday, I was nominated for the Horace Mann Award of Antioch University. Although they said I was not the winner of the award I was very touched as it said the award recognizes individuals who have won a significant victory for humanity through their work or volunteerism.
As always I close remembering the special children of this project and their families, in love and peace, Lynette