Thursday, February 16, 2006

Barry will be featured on KIRO tomorrow at 6:40 pm in a piece by Mona Locke about his passion for receiving mail. Tune in Friday evening to see this great guy in action. I will see him Saturday morning to get photos with his sister and some of the mail to share with the folks in Missoula who have been mailing steadily for months.
Today is my birthday and I am trying to get out of the office to spend a few hours alone on this beautiful day. Llewelyn will be home tonight for dinner and tomorrow I celebrate with Doug and Lew and my good friend Anne Cunningham and her husband as she was born on my birthday. Yesterday a little visitor named Emily, sister Mianna and mom Colette came by and it made it such a special day as today is the one year anniversary of our first meeting and the visit came with the news that Emily may very well have a chance of being cured-----talk about a birthday present! She is pictured here today.
I want to take time to thank all of my business clients for their support. I am so treasuring the time I have with each of them as the joy and delight of those shoots so rejuvenate the soul. I am blessed. In love and peace, Lynette