Friday, January 27, 2006

Some days are so packed with joy and surprise, little triumphs that amaze and thrill me: A baby girl weighing in right at a pound and a half but breathing on her own; a mother and son who share a bond of love so strong that together they are nobly battling a disease that is both incurable and incredibly rare; a mom who nearly lost her life in childbirth holding her four-pound son and me being there to record this dynamic duo and watch him consume his first-ever bottle after two weeks of tube feeding in the arms of this mom who had just been released from ICU herself; meeting a room full of devoted and loving nurses who were willing to listen to me talk about how to take more interesting and rewarding photos with the digital camera on their NICU ward; and something that took my breath away---the sight of Francisco wheeling himself around his unit at Children's. I had a few minutes to watch the tape of Francisco's family and chatted with him about the possibility of recording his story about his 31-day walk from Guatemala to the United States. Of course that was just the part of my day that had Soulumination written on it. I also had two wonderful shoots for my business, time to work on two special Valentine books that I am creating for my daughters, and a stolen moment or two to chat about this day with one patient husband.

I am going to ask you all to participate in a little effort for the young man I met yesterday at Children's. His name is Barry Simon and he suffers from Fanconi anemia. He loves to receive mail, indeed his mom told me that mail time is the highlight of each day. His room is so full of good cheer as his many cards are posted around the room. His current record is 48 cards and four packages in one day. I was thinking how fun it would be to break that record and light up his life with cards, notes, etc., from around Seattle and this country. There are some wonderful articles written about him by Vince Devlin of the Missoulian. Try reading about him and I am sure you will send him a message. The link I have is here. I know he loves Sponge Bob Square Pants, Yugioh, and many vintage cartoons. Those of you with 11-year-old boys will know just what to send. After reading that article and an earlier one about the costs for his mom, it seems like we might want to slip in a few dollars ourselves, like his grandma does, but truly just a card would be wonderful, too. His address is Barry Simon, c/o Pete Gross Apartments, 525 Minor Ave N. Number 413, Seattle WA 98109. His mom picks up their mail daily so he has it at the hospital, and hopefully in a few weeks he will be at the apartment. His mom estimates they will be in Seattle many more months before they can return home to Montana.

Today I have two shoots here at my studio followed by some searching in Ballard for the perfect tamale to take to Francisco. His appetite is great, and he loves a really good tamale. If you have sources for great tamales please let me know. You can always email me at:

Now please start mailing--with Valentine's Day coming up we can easily send our best wishes in that format. In love and peace, Lynette