Friday, January 06, 2006

The New Year promises so much that sometimes I am overwhelmed with the possibilities. This is the time of year when we meet many of our brides for this year, plus January often unfolds with new clients in all areas. For Soulumination I look forward to speaking at another fundraiser for Children's Hospital in February, when I will be introduced by my friend at King 5, Pat McReynolds. I am scheduled to speak at Bellevue Rotary and we are making plans for me to visit the midwest and speak to a hospice group. This month I hope to be part of University Hospital's nursing meetings, where I will work to show them techniques and style that should lead to the nurses capturing beautiful photos for their patients. I am honored by these requests and will do my best to make meaningful and lasting presentations.

Yesterday I visited a baby girl at Children's hospital and once again I saw mothering of the highest order. The beautiful baby and mother were so lovely that I am very excited to see the results of this session. While at the hospital, I visited my wonderful friend Francisco, who is recovering from surgery. This young Mayan trouper has become a friend and inspiration in my life. His smile and manner makes him someone to admire. It is easy to forget that he is so young, as his wisdom and spark speak of a soul with much depth. Please send loving thoughts his way as he works his way through this recovery period. I am posting my favorite photo of him. You can see how regal his face is, showing the majesty of the Mayan people.

My life is rich and full with many amazing faces appearing in front of my lens. Last week I was honored by the visit of a local female firefighter to record her the day before her mastectomy. Her body strong and toned for her work and her demeanor one of a true survivor. She had battled breast cancer years ago and has the most amazing attitude as she faces this new round of treatment. Many of you know that I am setting the stage for a future Soulumination project that will benefit breast cancer research. I truly hope to raise funds on a national level by combining photographers with women fighting this horrible disease that affects way too many of us. Soulumination's 501C3 is written to include this work in the future. With the help of current and future volunteers and employees I hope to get this project launched once the children's part of Soul is running without so much hands-on attention from me.

Our Lulu will be with us this weekend, and Doug and I are planning a little trip to California to visit McKenzie in San Luis Obispo. My daughters continue to light my life with excitement and fresh views. I thank them for their love and support.

Last night was the first night I could spend time in my new art space. Its a wonderful room off my studio that Doug built for my personal projects. It was amazing to have time and space to work as I wanted. Those close to me know that I love to make Valentines for my family and closest friends. There are snippets of hearts and photos littering the floor of this space, symbolic remnants of the love that brews around and through my life.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge that it is coming up on the second anniversary of my meeting Josiah, Alice and Dave Adams. They were the first family of the work with the project that I connected with outside the hospital. They live on Capital Hill near our former home and they have become such amazing friends. They not only shared their beautiful son Josiah with my camera, but asked me to be a part of their second son Henry's birth. You will see Josiah posted today in honor of his coming birthday. My prayers and love are with Alice and Dave as this marking of time is such a reminder of the loss of one so precious.

In peace and love, Lynette