Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It seems that each day brings so many emotions that it is wonderful to have a place to write and share my experiences. Yesterday, I received a number of emails from friends of mine, a couple that I met when photographing their wedding. I have been recording their growing family and have been privileged to watch them parent two very beautiful children as well as his two lovely daughters from a previous marriage. But this email brought me photos they took of their third child, another beautiful son, who had died in utero at full term, entirely unexpectedly. His name was Tal and his parents had opted to birth him to some wonderful music, a practice they had followed with their first two children. When talking with my friend today she suggested I might mention the particular songs they had chosen for this birth as the lyrics seemed magically appropriate for this son: "Nature Boy" by Nat King Cole and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" by Elton John. I have heard from the mom and the dad and both are wracked with such sorrow, but both have mentioned to me that they already realize the love this child brought will bring a close-knit family together with even more kindness and thankfulness for all they have. They have mentioned that they know he will be part of their family forever.

It is so incredible to think that this little soul has so much to teach, so much to give, and we can all learn to take time to be thankful for the minutes, days and years that we are privileged to share with our treasured children. My love and heart is with them, I cherish the memories they have allowed me to capture, and I will make sure that we take time to put together their images as if I had taken them.

In today's mail came a most beautiful birthday party invitation. It is for Elise's 3rd birthday and I wish I could be on the East Coast to join in the celebration for this stunning three-year-old. I met Elise and her family when I visited New York to be with my McKenzie and to record the Today show segment. Not only was I thrilled to receive the invitation, but it touches my heart to see on the invitation that they are encouraging friends to consider supporting Soulumination with a contribution. Other families and friends have done the same when hosting parties and each time it moves me deeply. Elise suffers from Tay-Sachs Disease. For more information on this disease please go to And as you can see, we have a new design to our web site, and thanks to the hard work of our board member Kelley you can now go to the "Gallery Section" and find little Elise and read her bio.

I am happy to say that Francisco has had an opportunity to make a video message for his mom and it looks as if his mom will receive a camera so she can make one for him. It would be so wonderful if that young man could at least see his mom that way, considering that it looks as if his parents will not be able to come in person to be with him. When I checked with his nurse yesterday, she said he had lots of visitors over the weekend and that he was in good spirits. I spent last Saturday with him from 10pm until midnight and was privileged to hear more stories about his home and family. That guy is a late-nighter and it's fun to be with him as he makes you forget that middle-aged women are usually in bed about the time he is enjoying company.

My heartfelt thanks to REI and Microsoft for providing fundraisers and matching fund options that led to nice donations arriveing in the mail yesterday. Plus, to the family who donated in honor of Josiah Adams, I am thrilled to hear that you are the new parents to a baby girl from Guatemala. It will be fun to share that news with our friend Francisco. It would be most wonderful to introduce the two of them as I know Francisco misses home so much and that his little friend Abe from Guatemala brings a big smile to his face.

As always, in love and peace, and honoring the souls entrusted to my camera, but today especially in tribute to those mentioned above, Lynette.

"The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return"--Nat King Cole, 'Nature Boy"