Friday, January 13, 2006

I am pleased to say that the Soulumination Collection may be traveling to the Children's hospital in Washington DC in April. Through the amazing dedication of a woman named Sarah in the DC area we are finalizing the details for this amazing possibility. Also in April I will be flying to the Cleveland area to speak to the Hospice of the Western Conference volunteer appreciation meeting. I hope the story of the project will be conveyed by my speaking in such a way as to add to the work of these volunteers. I know I am only the vehicle to tell the story, and not the story itself, so I hope that my speaking ability will be strong enough to move these wonderful people and to show them the importance of their efforts.

My sincerest thanks go out to some amazing friends who have stepped up to offer love and support to my friend Francisco. I called Lulu's former soccer coach who immediately snapped into action to provide Francisco with some DVDs of his favorite soccer team. My wonderful friend Annie visited him with her own wonderful Guatemalan son who shares the majestic heritage of the Mayan people. I had the privilege of meeting one of Francisco's camp counselors, Yetti. This fine person spends every evening with Francisco and he has a heart of gold. My assistant and great friend, Deb, has ordered up more videos to keep Francisco smiling with soccer bloopers and now a tape of Pele, and runs to the hospital to deliver fruit as she lives near. I am speaking regularly with a most amazing father who recently lost his beloved son. Fransisco and this young man were friends through their contact at Children's, and this father is reaching out to support in any way he can, even though his own loss is so new. Although I did not have the pleasure of meeting his son, this father calls to keep me updated and included in all the plans for helping Francisco and his family. This outreach is aside from the mission of the foundation, and I am so happy that people have realized that but continue to offer support and love.

We have recently sent out some framed 8 by 10's to a number of Soulumination families. Its so special to hear from them and know how things are going in their lives. The common thread is their sweet appreciation for the photos. Today I received in the mail the releases for the photos of Timothy. I will attach some to illuminate this missive with his sweetness. I hope to visit him at his home in Arlington to get shots with his entire family, including his beautiful sister Angelica, who suffers from the same disorder.
In love and peace, Lynette