Saturday, December 17, 2005

Today's visit to the hospital will be a part of my Christmas memory, one that will always be tied with the lovely images of Madonna and child that I have been using in little art projects for mailing to my own daughters from my collection of Christmas postal stamps from around the world. The beauty of this mother and child standing in the lovely winter light, the sounds of the last breaths, the father with his tears and kisses for his wife and daughter, and the two sets of grandparents aching to make it better is now something that will now be a part of my heart. As I left the hospital, the beauty of the Northwest was in full glory on this day reminding me that none of us has a guarantee on life span and that the richness that is so abundant in my life must be savored and shared and that indeed this path of Soulumination is one that comes with its emotional challenges but its soulful blessings.

I have been wanting to mention one of the Soul supporters who provides the most lovely pieces of jewelry for our Soul moms. You can see her pieces at Her work is a gift to each of the families of Soulumination and every mom who receives one is so delighted, so thankful to have these treasures. Karen is a wonderful woman and I am so thankful for her generosity and her talent and her loving support. I recently purchased a bracelet for my dear friend Dawnelle and I am so pleased that I could give her something to remind her that love shared is a forever sharing.

The commercial aspect of Christmas is daily being replaced in my life and my home by friendship, support and blessings that are more poignant than I have ever felt. I am so thankful for the presence of McKenzie and Llewelyn in my life, daughters of grace, beauty and loving joy. Doug and I are so looking forward to having them both with us for a few days and to sharing our new home with family on Christmas.

I close in love and peace, with a heart breaking with the loss of one beautiful child today, but ever hopeful, Lynette