Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Today's missive will have to be my main contact with many of you this week as I am on jury duty in downtown Seattle for a week on a case that already has had me teary a couple of times. In all that I had hoped to do for this holiday, I now must accept that time is best spent loving my family and friends and accepting that this year will be one that is special in just the love and magic of being part of this life. I tell myself that I am meant to be in that courthouse and that the reason will be apparent. Just in the first day, I had the joy of seeing one of my lovely friends who happens to be one of my first clients, a groom from last year, as well as a bride friend that my husband loves to join on the golf course and I heard the name of another groom whose son is a good friend of my daughter Lulu and who happens to be a Superior Court judge.

I spent last night at Children's hospital where I finally got to work with the wonderful boy Timothy. I had waited 6 weeks for this charmer to be well enough for some photos. He and his mom and our dear friend Angie, filled my evening with love and hope and faith. Watching the mystery of motherhood in action filled me with a sense of the meaning of grace. Michael's mom moves with this role in a way that enchants me and calls me to be better in my own role as parent. Her knowledge of her sons needs is so apparent and her gentle and steady nature one that mystifies and lifts me. I have much to learn and am thankful for the opportunity to see personified those parts that I lack. When Timothy returns to his home, I will follow up with photos with his dad and siblings.

In the past few days a number of very touching donations have arrived. One came from a woman I met in Edmonton, she has shared so generously from funds she received while caring for our dear Soul boy, Brandon, pictured in todays blog and another from friends I met while volunteering for Bailey Boushay house. From my soul and the Souls that guide this work, I thank all of you who keep us moving forward with your support.

For those of you who are in the Seattle area, I do have one Christmas project that I am trying to move forward with and could use a few decorative holiday tins, they need to be upright in shape, and not too small as I am making tin luminarias and have had not a second to scrounge up more tins. I am inspired to make them to line the upper walk way of our new structure as I received a note from Elise's parents in New Jersy about a special candle lighting to honor the Tay Sachs children. I would just like to make these candles a part of the holiday and to know as I light them that they are my personal tribute to the angel babies that guide this work. Being tin they can be something that I put out each year. So if you want to share a few you can bring them by my new place in Ballard, just remember that I have to make all the holes so I can't take on too many as my time is stretched, just hoping for enough to make a statement in a peaceful and beautiful way. I don't want anyone to purchase any of these, I just would love to have any that held cookies, nuts, etc that are going to be recycled and have nice colorful outsides that will add to the charm once I pound the holes. I am finding that the pounding is a good stress reliever so its all good. If you want to make your own, fill the cans with water and freeze them before you make the holes or the can will be disfigured by all the nail holes and pounding it takes to create one. (Elise joins Brandon as todays soul children on this blog)

With special prayers for a holiday filled with magic and love, Lynette