Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Today Doug and I celebrate our 27th anniversary, someone give that man an award for being able to put up with me for all those years. We are going to dinner at Canlis tonight with Doug's dad, I don't think my father in law realizes it our anniversary or he might not want to feel like he should come with us, but since he is the one who introduced us I feel like it will be great to have him with us. One of Doug's clients gave him a gift certificate for Canlis so we are thankful for such thoughtfulness. I am posting a photo of Doug with our Lulu in Mexico as many of you wonder who is the man who so patiently helps that photographer navigate this path.

Yesterday I spoke at the KC Howard Guild annual luncheon for Children's Hospital. I saw so many of my wonderful clients and was thrilled to have my wonderful board member Pat Kern with me as well as being seated with Debbie Calhoun, mother of the lovely baby Claire. I am not sure of the final totals for the fundraiser but it seemed like they had a very successful day, especially with the raise the paddle, I think they went over the goal by at least $5000.00 so it was a wonderful day.

In love and peace, Lynette