Saturday, December 03, 2005

I start todays missive with a salute to one of my board members. I met Pat on a flight from Dallas to Seattle and realized that this woman was going to be a friend and someone that would be perfect for the board of the newly formed foundation. So to thank her for joining in and adding so much to the foundation, I invited the men in her life over for a shoot the day I returned from Mexico. I am hoping this is the first inkling she has that they were with me and I will be expecting a call from her when she reads this to see when she can actually pick up the photos. You can tell from the photos posted here that her sons are wonderful young men and it was a pleasure to finally meet the older two. Her youngest is already a donor to the foundation and has a very special place in my heart. I am sending my best to her oldest as he is playing in the state championship football game tonight and am hoping for a victory for this Texas transplant.

Yesterday was a busy day indeed for Soulumination. A total of three Soul families passed through my studio and each one is special indeed: one returning for an update, one picking up the work our employee Sarah did to preserve her polaroids and a new mother and daughter who as so often happens, stole my heart. This new mother and daughter had a charm and warmth that I was pleased to share for a few minutes with my daughter Llewelyn who arrived home from Evergreen in time to be brought under their spell. Lew actually got to feel the medical instrument implanted in the chest of this exceptional 8 year old. I will talk to the mom and hope she will sign releases as I will want to share her story and her daughter as I know so many will love her as always happens with the children of this project. In the midst of all the activity yesterday, my friend and assistant Deb came into the studio with an urgent phone message from my contacts at Children's hospital. I go tomorrow at 10am for a new family and their daughter who is in intensive care. I hope you will keep these new additions to Soul in your hearts and prayers. After my visit to Children's tomorrow my family and I are meeting up with Francisco that was a special part of our show at St Marks. Francisco is the oldest of our project at this point and we are all meeting with the Dan Wilson family who are the parents of another youngster who is also Mayan from Guatemala. We will have time for lunch together and a meeting that I am sure will bring new friendships in my circle of friends. As always I close with wishes for love and peace and with a thankful heart that I am blessed with such a full life, Lynette