Monday, November 07, 2005

Yesterday I visited a new Soul family on the East side and my good friend Kris Travaglini was kind enough to drive me there and back. By now it doesn't really surprise me that this new family is beautiful and loving and so full of life and hope. They have some good options for treatment for this stunning redhead who suffers from Blackfan Diamond Anemia. This little girl has eyes that are brown and big and full of depth, truly a lovely baby. She has two older brothers who are delighted to be with her and who sport those mischevious freckles that melt my heart. It was such a sunny day and their strength and goodness came shining through like that November sun. I am thankful that they invited me into such a place of love.

Today I chatted with my friend Heather who owns Zanadia in Wallingford Center. Heather and Nabil have been great friends and supporters since I first started photographing. She told me something so touching about her feelings about being at the opening on November first. She felt it was like when she and her husband and girls were travelling to the East Coast to settle the twins into college. It was right after 911 and Heather said she had never incountered such kindness from strangers again until she came to St Marks. She felt it a room full of people opening to each other with love and compassion. The attached photos are by my friend Jeremy and were taken at the opening.

Each day we receive emails and cards about the show. I am so thankful for your support. Again, I am humbled by your generous donations and promise to use them to serve each family that we work with to the best of my ability. To the Fran Nordstrom Guild, my sincere thanks for allowing me to tell the story of Soulumination in such a wonderful venue. I am delighted by the fact that your attendees were so very generous to Childrens Hospital. A number of the guests have written to show their appreciation for all that the Soul families are handling in their lives. I close tonight as always, in love and peace, Lynette

"If because of your generosity and love
a few humans find your lives, what do you think will happen?" Rumi