Friday, November 04, 2005

Yesterday I received the sad message that we lost our angel baby Judah. His condition meant he could not survive long term, but with his parents loving care at home he was with them many weeks longer that the doctors had predicted. He was with us at the show at St Marks and I am so touched by that fact and his presence more touching than words can say. I am posting his photo along with two of his brother, Caleb, his dad and I that Kurt took at the opening.

Last nights speech went well indeed and I am pleased to say they raised $100K for uncompensated care at Children's Hospital. People were so respectful during the slide show, many moved to tears by the images of such beautiful children. The guild is made up of wonderful women who have raised over 2 million dollars in their 20 years of existence.

Its a busy day today so I am off to start my day the usual way on the bike. Please pray for Judah's family, their faith very strong indeed and I know they would love to know that prayers were being said honoring Judah's life. In peace and Love, Lynette