Wednesday, November 30, 2005

We are safely home and refreshed after a week with our wonderful daughters in Mexico. Our youngest was joined by Ray who flew from Pennsylvania to be with us. This is the third time we have had the pleasure of having Ray with us on this yearly trip and he fits into the scene perfectly. I must say I did nothing on the trip but eat and read and play with some art projects. A very nice client friend of mine and her family just happened to be staying at the same resort. She has taken a course in nonprofit work and it was great to chat with her about strategy for Soulumination.

We took the show down today at St Marks and brought it here to the studio for storage until I show 10 pieces at a Children's Hospital fundraiser on the 5th and then onto the show at Glazers after the first of the year. It was a bit sad to dismantle as the power was so obvious in that space. As I came to the photos of Charlotte, there was a note from her mom tucked next to them. I am always amazed and thrilled by the love showered on me by such incredible people.

We all agreed that working with Heather at St Marks was such a pleasure. She was professional, but loving and fun and we couldn't have asked for more. She told us that throughtout the show they got calls from individuals and groups about hours of viewing. Truly the notes left in the guest book thrilled me. Standing in that beautiful space of St Marks I must admit that I felt blessed and moved and honored to share these children and my little project with such a community. From the bottom of my heart I thank all that were involved with this show and I know that it was the start of a beautiful relationship with St Marks and the perfect launching ground for the Collection.

I am posting a photo of a new tattoo that one of the Soul dad's had artfully added to his life. I met the beautiful Elise and her family when I was on the East Coast working with the Today show. John flew to Florida to work with a special tattoo artist that specializes in portraits. He and the artist may be featured on TLC show Miami Ink. I am touched and moved as this is the second Soul dad to have a tattoo of one of my photos.

This Friday I meet and work with a new child to Soulumination. She and her mom are driving up from Vancouver, so pray for safe roads and a lovely drive for these two. I can tell by the mother's comments that these two are special indeed and that once again I will have the pleasure of watching love in action. Please also keep Channon and her family in your heart. She will be back at Children's to have another tumor removed and will be there over her first birthday. Lets all have the kind of faith that will move her through this will courage and love. I am honored to be working with another Soul mom who lost twins and who is now writing powerful words which give me such a clear prospective on how it is to live with such loss. Dearest Lori, if you read this I want you to know that your talent in sharing your heart is so immense.

As we enter this holiday season I feel the presence of the angel babies in my soul, those with us and those now literally angels all guide this project with power and honor, in love and peace, Lynette