Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The magic and power of the show opening leaves me breathless and so thankful to all who made it possible. The entire day was one of love and mystery. You could feel that space in St Marks filling with love and compassion as hundreds of people came to honor the Soul children and their families. The music, the faces, the energy was moving, both sorrow and joy, tears and laughter, the essence of humanity in that space and in that time.

To each of you who made this possible I thank you from the depth of my soul. I honor you and am humbled by your dedication. To see the faces as I spoke, to have my daughters by my side, to look out and see the smiling face of my husband was to know that I was in a place of holiness and grace.

The work of Soulumination moves forward with new energy and new hope. I think that day will stand out in the minds of all who have participated as a time when we came to know that the mission is one that will endure beyond our years.

To see little Emily sporting red curls, Channon with a full head of glorious hair, baby Katie so beautifully reminiscent of her brother Benny, little McKenna so sweetly reminding me of her kissing Hannah Rose for the last time, Franciso telling his story to an eager crowd, Ellie Jo with her radiant smile, holding Brandon in my arms and feeling his warmth, to kneel by Charlotte and know she is taken care of with an energy that is purely goodness itself, to see little Judah with his family and know that they have provided the most loving atmosphere for this tiny being, and then to remember that Elise and Timothy are home across the country was in itself a blessing beyond my desires. The souls of Joey, Janus,Lanie, Adam, Benny, Derek,Josiah, Serena Joy, Tanner, and the children I worked with before it became part of the public awareness, so present in my heart and in the faces of their adoring parents. The faces of Babs, Maryann, and Megan there to honor Sydney who is now a favorite friend of mine and who I pray will have many love filled times ahead, all reminding me that this path is never going to be easy but it is always clear that the way will be marked with love and hope and memories.

I hope to write a bit each day this week to thank those who worked to fill this space with love and caring, in peace and hope, Lynette