Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Its hard to sleep with all that is on my mind, so for today I will just give it up and start the day before the sunrise. I can hardly wait until 10 am when Wallingford Photo opens and we can pick up the work that is waiting for Soulumination that was taken at the opening on Sunday by one of the finest photographers and friends I will ever know, Kurt Smith. The photos that are shown here today and yesterday are by the talented Jeremy Leffel, another friend of the first degree and a rising star of great talent and heart. I can't thank them enough for sharing their talent and their goodness with Soulumination.

I was back at St Marks last night with a group of Soul supporters, we were hosted by Malone family and started the evening in their amazing home that is near the cathedral. It was powerful to walk quietly through the photos with a small group of people that are willing to lend support to this foundation. Most of the guests were long term friends and clients and I am so thankful for their generosity and wisdom. Their guidance will lead us to a strong and far reaching organization. Heather and Janet of St Marks were there to greet us and told me as we departed that St Marks will be hosting 700 members of the Episcopal church from across the United States in 2 weeks. It will be amazing to have the babies of Soulumination part of such a conference. I thank Colette and Erich Behrens for their presence and for sharing their thoughts about their beautiful and spirited daughter, Emily.

I spent some time writing thank you notes yesterday to some of the people who so generously gave to make the opening a success: specifically-- Tom Douglas Catering, Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes, the Total Experiance Youth Gospel Choir, Butler Valet, Zopfi Production, Solomon Event Planning and Maxine's. Each giving from their talent in such a heartfelt way. I thank you and I hope you all know that you honor the families and the work of this foundation in way that will not be forgotten. In the crowd at St Marks were my friends from Wallingford Photo who have been intimately involved with my work since I started shooting and have printed much of my work that is a gift to each family of Soulumination. They are a group of people that have treated me with respect and dedication throughout the project, from the day I took the first shot at Children's to today.

I close as always with a full heart and in peace and love, Lynette