Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I am very happy to say that we have lovely photos to deliver to the hematology department at Children's Hospital tomorrow where our newest Soul baby is having her transfusion. I am hopeful that the photos and the gift of a pretty album that was handmade by loving volunteers will brighten the day of one amazing mom. I will post photos of this dear baby as soon as the mail arrives with the releases.

I am leaving for Mexico this coming Saturday for a week with my dear husband and most lovely daughters. We will be joined by long time friend Ray Curanzy who is a never ending supply of fun and laughter. This time will be even more sacred as I will take time to think back over the amazing events of this year. It is hard to grasp all that has happened and how my life is so full of love and support.

When I return I hope to work with 3 new Soul families, one with three children, the youngest one fighting leukemia and the whole family dealing with being homeless. I just heard last night about a girl of 8 that I would love to meet and capture on film, I hopefully will hear soon from her mom so we can set up a time. We wait for Timothy to get well enough to return home to Arlington from a long stay at Chilren's Hospital so I can capture him with his beautiful sister. Keep all of these families in your hearts over Thanksgiving as its a time to truly count the blessings that surround us so completely. Two of the Soul children are due to come back for updates in their photos, it is such an honor and joy to see them continue to grow and live so joyfully.

I must take a minute to again thank my amazing board......these 5 people give tirelessly, I often worry that they will grow too weary to continue, but hope that the work fills them in some way that will allow them to stay with me. Their talents are varied and their minds so sharp. With Thanksgiving approaching I salute them and I am tearfully thinking of them as I type and often wonder at their goodness and marvel at their abilities.

My hat is off to the women of Stratagem who so bravely entered into this very new foundation and after hours of work came back to us with so many ideas, so much hopeful planning for our future steps. It is amazing to see this project through their eyes. I stand in awe at the fact that they see the Soulumination Collection as traveling to DC to hang someday in the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian. I again tear up as I think of the future and the children that will be in front of my lens and what it would mean to these families to consider such a showing. The women of Stratagem do not see this as out of the scope of this project, so I will take their lead and will trust that someone will read this blog or see the show or hear about the work that will take this to such a place. . I close today with a quote that opened the booklet that Stratagem provided for us:

"Nothing is ever wholly lost. That which is excellent remains forever part of this universe." Ralph Waldo Emerson

as always, in love and peace, Lynette