Saturday, October 29, 2005

Tomorrow is the opening of the show at St Marks and I am sitting in my new office looking out at my courtyard that is being designed with elements of universal spirituality. I can see the tree that honors baby Adam, the stones from Jeruselum, a new Ganesh who represents wisdom, intellegence and presence of mind, and the colors on the building that have a Native American tone. The wings that will mark the entrance to my office/studio waiting to be hung, as is the prayer wheel, the offering box from Bali and over time other momentos to mark this as a place of welcome to all faiths, to honor the spirit of those who are part of my heart, and to remind me daily that I am on a path that is blessed by all who have so generously offered support and love. My husband hung the show yesterday with his sister, my great friend Sally Elliott----he commented in his usual understated and caring way that St Mark's has always been a favorite space for him and that he feels there could be no better place to hang this work for a first viewing.. I am so pleased that St Marks offered us this opportunity at this special time--All Soul's, and in their monthly pamphlet it shows a photo of Adam Brimley. It always wins my heart when someone shows one of the babies.
Last night my daughters arrived home together, Llewelyn picking McKenzie and her friend Dan up at the airport as she drove home from Olympia, what a welcome sight----they are in my eyes the essence of beauty and goodness. Their presence just the thing to put me in the mood for the opening tomorrow. They are pictured here with my wonderful niece, Lydia.
In a few more days I will speak at the Fran Norstrom Guild fundraiser for Children's Hospital and I think this show will give my speech that added spirit that will lead to a successful night for them. I am honored and blessed and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lynette