Saturday, October 08, 2005

These days are passing so quickly as we approach the opening of the show at St Marks Cathedral. I am just starting to slow down on the wedding schedule, but am in the middle of my busiest time photographing families. I am happily shooting in my new studio and courtyard. I take more prints to the framers today. It is always special to see the babies and children so beautifully printed, thanks to my friend Shane at Moonphoto. I will start speaking about the project very soon at Guild fundraisers for Children's Hospital.

It will be my honor and priviledge to share the stories of the children with more people. I try to do my very best in that I am just the vehicle for telling the story. This past week the foundation welcommed a new assistant, Lesley and we can be reached now by phone at 206-297-0885. In setting up the phone line the man who was working with me was located in Denver and as I explained that I would like to keep the cost of the line down as it was a small nonprofit and I wanted to spend carefully with the donated funds, he asked what type of foundation it was........I started to explain and he says "oh, I know who you are, I read about you or saw you on TV"...... I take that to be another sign that this is the work I am meant to be doing.

While working with my amazing clients I have had the loveliest responses to the project. I thank all of you for your support, kindness and extreme generosity. I am so moved by all that has been given and offered. Some of you have sent the kindest words and have helped me on days when I needed a little cheering up, for that I am so is all of you who have hired me over the years and let me hone my skills that makes this all possible. If we continue to receive donations, I will add scanning all the negatives for each family, that way they will have negatives and digital files.

I think the show will be wonderful. I am so happy to be working with Stephanie Solomon and so many other wonderful people to make this event come off well. There are so many to thank and I have you all in my heart. Both of my daughters will be attending the show along with my husband, Doug and many other family members, what a blessing that will be to have them by my side.

I visited lovely Charlotte this week and just sent a note off to Elise's parents in New Jersey. Charlotte's mom has just connected with my next Soul mom and they are off to a great friendship. I have asked Elise's parents if I could borrow their negatives one more time as with some donations coming in, I can now order more prints to expand the show for future exhibits. I am attaching photos of Elise and Charlotte as I love to have all of you getting to know the children of the project. On October 15 I will visit the next Soul family, they have 2 children that they care for around the clock and it will be my honor to record these beautiful children.

I hope to see many of you at the show, in love and peace, Lynette