Friday, October 14, 2005

It has taken me a number of days to write this blog as my emotions have been running high and strong, we lost our friend Derek on September 17. I started writing this missive a few days ago and it was just too much for me. Derek met me at the Arboretum near the frog pond, where many of you have met me for family photos. He and his family and 2 lovely friends came for photos after a visit to Children's where he was receiving platelets. It had been along day for this charming young man who arrived in his usual attire complete with his police hat and badge. I am honored that at one point he pulled out his ticket book and proceeded to write tickets. I had called my wonderful friend Dan Wilson who signed baseball cards for Derek and his brother. It felt so nice to offer these siblings a treat at the end of the shoot. Derek and his family are rare people indeed, the epitomy of unconditional love, they all left me feeling so thankful that they would allow me into their lives in this small way. Derek will be in my heart, everytime I see a policeman it will remind me of this soulful boy.

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting for an hour on Monday morning with my beautiful friend Sydney. She is eleven and was working with me to select which photos she would like to see in the show at Saint Marks. Sydney is a very talented artist and I always love to see her latest creations. She was heading to her second round of chemo later that day and was so pleased to be taking 2 close friends with her. I had the honor of photographing the first wedding she ever attended this summer and it was great to introduce her to my daughter McKenzie who was kindly assisting me that day.

I am visiting a family in Arlington tomorrow who care for 2 beautiful children 24 hours a day. That evening, Angie who is one of our Soul moms and Kelley, a board member will accompany me to the fundraiser of the Marna Bloom Fleetwood guild of Children's hospital. This will be my first official speech locally and I hope I do my families proud in sharing their legacy to raise funds for such a noble hospital........I have 3 other familes that I will work with over the next weeks. Your donations are indeed being used to offer this gift to these loving parents.

I hope to see you at the show on the 30th, in love and peace, Lynette