Monday, October 24, 2005

The busiest weeks of this year are upon me and unfortunately I have been a bit under the weather. I leave for NY on Wednesday late to arrive in time to photograph a wedding for a woman that I have admired for years. We met at a wedding over 10 years ago and I am delighted to be recording her special day. I fly back Friday morning and will go directly to St Marks to see how all is coming on with the hanging of the show. The next day I have another special wedding for a young man I met a few years ago as he used to canvas our neighborhood on Capital Hill and we became friends. The following day is the opening of the show and I am so excited that my 2 daughters will be here to stand beside me. Doug and I have been busy trying to get the new place put together for their arrival. The next week is filled with a fundraiser for the foundation graciously hosted by wonderful clients and the following night I speak at the Fran Nordstrom Guild Fundraiser. I am honored to help Children's Hospital in any way possible as they are such an amazing resource for the health of so many in our state and beyond.

I was honored to meet a new Soul family this past Tuesday at Children's Hospital. They are a such a warm and loving family and it was truly a pleasure to meet them and their lovely little daughter. This baby has a very charming 3 year old brother who offered many kisses for the camera with adoring grandparents standing by. I also met another lovely mom whom I hope to visit soon in Arlington. Her son is currently at Children's and we are all praying that he will be home soon and that I will be able to capture this beautiful boy and his family on film. I stopped to say hello to a mom whom I had met a few weeks ago and sadly she had received very dire news about her daughter. She is in my heart and I hope you will keep this tiny person in your prayers as I know her parents would love your support. I am so grateful to all of you who have reached out in support of this work, your loving donations make this all posssible and the families are so appreciate.

I am so sad to say that my lovely friend Joan and her family have lost a beloved sister in law. Joan and Derek are the parents of Janus who is one of the two babies I dedicate this work to and we are devistated by this sudden and tragic loss. Those that know the Reijnen's know they are such fine people and Derek's sister was an incredbile mother. Her daughters the same age as my own. My heart breaks for these young women and I know they face such sorrow. They will be cared for in the most loving manner as Joan and Derek have a way about them that puts them above the normal when it comes to caring for family and friends. We are hoping that Joan will be at the opening to honor her son, but if not I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all her effort to bring this show to the public and I know she is always with us in spirit. Today I close in honor of this wonderful woman, Lynette