Monday, September 26, 2005

Tonight I visited Children's Hospital and it never fails to amaze me that the nurses and doctors there really work so hard to offer the best of care, complete and amazing kindness and skill that is a pleasure to watch. The parents tonight remind me that each time I visit a family with a child who is ill that there is always hope and with this couple the love and compassion flow so beautifully. I am honored to offer them this little gift of photos and their daughter a record of how it is at this time. It seems the parents always give me so much more than I offer them. As I dropped the film off for developing I sent it down the drop slot with a special wish and prayer that I have captured the essence of the love and beauty in the room. This child and every child so lovely and so loved. I hope for a night's sleep filled with the sweetness that was in that room.......I will think of those young nurses and how they do their best to offer the ultimate in good care....When I speak at future fund raisers for the hospital this night will serve as the basis for my speech......with love and in peace, Lynette