Friday, September 16, 2005

The passing of 9/11 is a time for me that records the loss of my friend's son Janus, now 21 years ago....He is one of the two babies that my work is dedicated to. I never met this baby but his life and passing is etched so clearly in my mind that he is a part of me.......It is amazing to think that much time has gone by and now I have this foundation that is growing and becomming a force in this nation......In the past few days I have been receiving emails from Connecticut and the midwest saying they say an article in their local paper, I am amazed as I had no idea that the article from the Times would reach other newspapers----at least that is the article I imagine to be showing up across the country. Daily I am still receiving offers to help from the airing by the Today show.

We are currently in the middle of our move to the new studio/office in Ballard.....We are on the corner of 52nd and 11th Avenure NW---you won't miss it.....our address will be 5201 11th Avenue NW Seattle 98107.....Todays photo shows my hero husband and daughter who have been amazing in creating this space and moving us without mishap......Doug's entire crew and subs have been outstanding.......I feel so blessed to be moving to a place so wonderful.....We will be in by September 24th, just days from now. In setting up the phone service to be moved, I called our carrier and talked to a man in Denver, I told him I needed a new line for the foundation and he asked what the foundation was about, to my amazement when I explained the mission of Soulumination, he replied that he knew me from recent publicity. Its not something that I would have thought possible 4 years ago when I started this work, infact to this day the story is not about me, its about the families of Soulumination, but I will do my best to be the vehicle through which the story of the children is told with honor and dignity.

This past week a number of my clients have shared stories from their lives that are related to this project. I am honored to hear about their past and present journeys and I can tell you that these people are so strong and so inspiring to me that I feel blessed to know them. Their stories will help carry me through the times when I need to be reminded that even though the work can be so emotional for me, its still small compared to the daily burden carried by these parents. Lastly, I am keeping two friends who I met through my work in my thoughts and prayers as they journey toward health, I love to think of the fun times I have had recording their children. Rich and Muff you are well loved.

In peace and love, Lynette