Thursday, September 29, 2005

It is amazing the number of friends and supporters that have gathered around this project. Today I heard from Timothy's aunt in Viriginia. She held a private fundraiser in honor of Timothy and will soon send money that we will use to work with more families. I feel blessed to do this work knowing that one wonderful baby generated enough love and care that we now have the funds to provide service to more deserving families. Timothy will be featured on the cover of the AMAPediatric Archive Journal on November 7th. This young Tay Sachs child now has a baby brother....I have now worded with three Tay Sachs children, starting with Joey Wes over 10 years ago, then Timothy in Tulsa and Elise in New Jersey. This path is never easy but the grace of the babies carries me forward.

We are getting ready to mail the invitations to the show at St Marks Cathedral......your attendance of this showing will honor the parents and add to the legacy of those children who are part of this collection. The show opens Sunday, October 30 at 2:00pm and runs through the month of November.

I was reminded today by one of my brides who is now a mother of two fabulous boys, that she remembered me saying that I wanted to take my work to a new level, to show my daughters that women at 50 have more to offer and the power and foresight to grow, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be at the head of a foundation with such strength and meaning, that I would have a new studio and home to allow me the freedom to shoot through the grey and rainy Seattle weather and that I would have a blog that allowed me to share the work of this project with the nation. I humbly thank you for your support and I ask you to keep the babies in your hearts. In peace, Lynette