Thursday, September 08, 2005

I feel that tonight my life changed once again......this morning I answered a phone call from a women whose friend's baby would be a lovely candidate for some Soulumination photos, we arranged some time next week and I went off to my daily shoots.....later in the day I had a few minutes between shoots and checked the messages to discover that the family might need me tonight......with quick arrangements we agreed that my wonderful new friend and board member, Pat Kern would drive me to Mary Bridge Hospital in Tacoma to work with this beautiful baby girl. I arrived to find that it was indeed close to time to remove the vent and the family wanted some photos of their little baby without tubes and tape covering her beautiful face. I stayed and was present for this life changing heart is breaking for this family, but I am thankful that they trusted me to be with them. They allowed me to record the hardest moment life can deal....and now to sort through this loss and find the way to move forward, to continue work that has become so close to my soul that I can never turn my back on the demands that are humbling, uplifting, sorrowful and soulful.

With the move so close I have not been able to visit my meditation class and the young nun who has filled with me with so many wonderful and simple pieces of wisdom......I long to return to that hour of peace and hope that in the next few weeks I will have the time to make that a priority.

I am thankful to the Seattle Times for the lovely article they ran yesterday on Soulumination. We are so blessed that the media has embraced this work.......We are also blessed by having Corbis join us with support for the show and have hopes that Costco may join us in the future......With all that is happening the funding is very important so that we can honor every request, mount a show that will change the face of grief and loss in our city and hopefully across the country, and move toward a documentary and an educational component as I start speaking for Children's Hospital Fundraisers next month......I have a group of supporters, volunteers, board members and powerful friends that are rallying to make this work something that we can be proud of now and in the future.

My heart is with my father tonight as he celebrates his birthday, with the family in Tacoma, and with the people of the gulf region as they try to find a way to put their lives together. Peace and Love, Lynette