Saturday, August 20, 2005

We received our 501c3, we are now officially a nonprofit with public charity status and contribution deductibility and the effective date of exemption is April 8 of this year.......It normally takes months to receive this so we are blessed tonight and it opens doors for grants!.....Just another sign that we are on the right path and that the angel babies guide the work in ways that amaze me. I opened the envelope on returning home from the most lovely wedding.....what a thrill to take my passion to new heights.

I am so thankful to Heather Roy, our current attorney, Dana Reid our attorney provided by my wonderful friends Paul and Suzie Wycoff, Amber Wong who lovingly worked until it was a perfect form, and my board members who had the ultimate faith to see this through.

The calls and email are still coming from the Today Show airing....truly amazing how people open their hearts to this project....every wedding I attend I am approached by guests asking if I am the woman they read about or saw on TV.....I thank each person who had a hand in telling the story.

We are working hard to put together a great show of the Soulumination Collection on October 30 with a lovely opening planned. There is still much to be done but we have offers to help with the physical work and a sponsor in the works.

I will soon add new photos to the gallery and to the blog, just waiting for the signed releases. I have 2 lovely babies that I will introduce you to a boy and a girl so watch the sight in the coming weeks....

I am honored that my husbands family has asked that donations be given to Soulumination in honor of my mother-in-law whom I wrote about in the blog before this.......I was touched beyond words that the first donation came honoring 2 Lainies in my life, my neice who this project is dedicated to and my mother in law.....but to top it off it came from baby Lanie's other grandma. Believe me that brought me to tears.

Thank you for the loving support, Lynette