Tuesday, August 16, 2005

This morning finds me up early as we got a call that my beloved mother in law passed last night. We all adored her and she showered us with love and affection in the way only Lainie could. I have worked with 3 families in the past six days and realize how much she would have loved this project. Unfortunately she was not able to take in this kind of information and now I think of her upbringing as on only child of a Lutheran minister and I fully know that she would have loved and understood this project in so many ways. She would also have been showering Doug with much deserved praise for the new studio, office and living space he is building for us ---no one championed her children better than Lainie. The work of Soulumination is dedicated to her namesake, baby Lanie. She is pictured her with our daughter Llewelyn in a shot that shows her loving nature so clearly.

The emails from the Today show airing keep coming and I am so thankful that the message is out there loud and clear. I had the amazing experiance of some guests at Sundays wedding asking to have their photo taken with me, goodness there is humor in that request as all who know me must be chuckling at that one since there could be no one less likely than myself for such attention. As I say, I am just the vehicle to tell the story of how to honor and love these families, the story is not about me.

My heartfelt thanks to those of you who have given financially to support this project, with so many shoots this week, 3 in six days, the funding is crucial.

Today we welcome a new intern and are so thankful for her help. The current interns have worked tirelessly in this office and I am so thankful to TIPS Foundation for bringing them to us. This morning I will receive beautiful notecards created by a new friend with lovely calligraphy. Also, my wonderful friend Cory of Bogle Productions is burning the DVDs that will spread the word of the project with the images so beautifully arranged by my assistant Daniel MacDonald. Museum Quality Framing is working on framing the prints for the show and they look wonderful indeed. Karen Trimble of Got Çharm is lovingly providing beautiful jewelry for each mom. I have a wonderful friend on the Mariners who signed baseball cards for me to give to the older children and their sibs of this project, just a little much deserved treat. So today as I remember Lainie, I count my blessings and realize that her spirit of love shines through in many ways and I am blessed to have had her. Goodbye to one whose heart was so purely loving, Lynette