Thursday, August 25, 2005

Taking stock of the blessings in my life as its been a long day of love and caring with my mother in laws memorial in Port Townsend. It was so wonderful to have both daughters with us today which meant all the grandchildren were able to attend the service. Wonderful to see the loving support of so many people. I am very sad to arrive home to the news that our wonderful Soul boy, Benny passed away unexpectedly. I am attaching his photo and many of you will recognise him from the Today show airing. My heart is so heavy thinking of his wonderful parents. He was a joyful little guy and you couldn't help but smile at a face so full of charm. The work of capturing these children on film is something that comes naturally to me......learning to cope with the sorrow of their loss is something that totally escapes me........reminding myself as I close this sad missive that I was the one who said that doing something good wasn't always thanks to the staff at Children's hospital that introduced me to such a wonderful little boy. In sorrow and in hope, Lynette