Thursday, August 04, 2005

Our angel babies are set to air tomorrow morning on the Today show.

Nothing like a phone call from the Today Show to kick one tired photographer into action.......working late tonight to get ready for the airing tomorrow morning at 8:15 A.M. on NBC. We had thought this would take place in September, but now realize that the beauty of the babies makes even the powers that be at NBC take notice. I am overwhelmed and delighted and so filled with gratitude that we are now able to share this project with the nation and indeed many parts of our world. This is a huge opportunity to make a lasting difference in the way grief and loss are handled in our culture. I sincerely hope this opens hearts and minds to new understanding and compassion.

I want to thank my new friend and producer Robin Sindler, this beautiful young woman went the extra mile to assure that this story would be told.....I think she actually fell in love, not once, but each time she met another one of the Soul babies. She is now part of the story and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. The interview with Ann Curry was a moment in my life I will never forget. She is everything you imagine as you watch her on air and so much more. I thank her for the suggestion of a message board for our Soulumination familes, we have that up and will be letting our familes know how to access in the next few days. Ann shared her warmth with my McKenzie and made both of us feel so welcome in a city so far from home. As I watched Ann help the crew roll up cords I knew she was a rare person indeed. The crews for the Today show, both here and in New York were exceptional, each person so obviously moved by the story, each one giving that extra effort to make this be all that it could be.

Here on the home front I want to thank Fred Moody for his insight in asking to tell about this project in the first place, without him there would be no foundation as his article in People truly set this country on fire, directly leading to the calls from NPR, Today, CNN, KING, KOMO, KIRO, Seattle Times and P-I, and so many loving volunteers and new supporters and friends. This story has reunited me with friends from Port Townsend days and with one of my first brides, opened doors to public speaking and has emails pouring in just to say "keep going". It has shown me that the gift one receives can be given to others in ways that might have meaning beyond your wildest dreams. To anyone who reads this and is one of my beloved clients, I want you to know that your letting me hone my skills on your families and your weddings lead to the day when I felt confident enough to offer this service to families at the hardest time in their lives. The support over the last 17 years is what made this possible.

The truth and depth of this airing is truly the Soul babies, the angel babies as I call them. They are the true story, I am just the vehicle for the telling. Tonight and tomorrow is about and for them. I am called to this work and will honor their lives and their families faithfully. Each new family adds to my life in ways that cause me to count myself one of the luckiest women alive. With a wonderul husband, two precious daughters, a great extended family, and friends of the highest caliber, I am blessed and I am humbled, Lynette