Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My dear friends were over from Japan for part of the summer and my husband built their twins (two sets, boy/girl) a lemonade stand. Those precious little ones held a lemonade sale to benefit Soulumination and they presented us with over $50.....we used some of those funds today to mail a new Soul family their prints and a few gifts. I have been photographing these little ones since shortly after birth. This effort by ones so young touches my heart and fills that sad place that was building with the loss of Serena Joy, Benny and my mother in law, with hope and love. Their wonderful parents were also generous monitarily and with amazing papers from Japan.

Tonight I had a little work party of some of my dearest and most talented friends. We used the Japanese paper to create the trifold that every family receives as well as new albums that will be our latest gifts to the families. We have received enough donations to purchase the pages we needed for these very incredible albums that my dear friend Susan has spent hours learning how to create. The pages should be ready soon so we will be able to give them to the new families. I am so blessed to have the help of so many loving supporters.

We are now without our amazing interns, Auni, Daniel and Jill. They were so helpful that it is so hard here without them. We hope to start with a paid employee one day a week. I am so excited to think that we will have at least one day that I can step back a bit and try to get caught up and ready for the move. If we are slow responding this week, forgive me, I have no free time and I am trying hard to keep ahead of the work.

We are getting ready to start the move to the new office, our phone and emails will remain the same, but the address will be 5201 NW 11th Seattle, WA 98107, starting September 23. I am so excited about this new space, can hardly wait to share it with clients and friends.