Friday, August 12, 2005

It has been one week since the airing on the Today Show and I am still not caught up with all the emails and calls. I try to answer each message with a personal reply and have had to prioritize. The inquiries from photographers who are offering their skills take the longest to answer as there is so much to say and the work so precious that it takes me a while to get to each of them. The hearts of a nation obviously moved by the work and I again thank anyone involved in the creation of the piece for their tender handling of the project. My board, volunteers, interns, family and friends have risen to the occassion and been such a source of help and stength.

I visited a new Soul family yesterday and had the honor of recording their beautiful son. They are another family that melts your heart with its purity and grace. The love and pain so powerful that it makes me marvel at their compassion and unconditional love. This family came to me through a loving friend named Barbara who contacted me after seeing the Today show. I visit another family on Saturday to record their daughter, their contact being the pallliative care staff at Children's who have been my mentors and guides throughout this project.

I am deeply moved by the outpouring of interest and am struggling to find the answer to funding all the pieces. I can feel there is are so many people deeply moved by the work and by the families that I trust that help in this area will be coming soon. As I have said before, each donation is used wisely and lovingly, each dollar going to make this foundation serve the families and education. My time and efforts are totally given free of charge. We are still hopeful of getting a wonderful sponsor for the show at St Marks in October and I hope you are saving the date of October 30 for the opening.

I am attaching some photos from the award night in Dallas when the EWomenNetwork foundation gave me the honor of Humanitarian of the year and surprised me with Alice, Dave and Henry Adams, one of our beloved Soul families to present the award.

We are moving toward completion of our new studio, offices and living space in Ballard....we are waiting for the address from the city, but we sit on the corner of 52nd and 11th. Our current home has sold to a lovely couple and we are so thankful that all is moving ahead so beautifully. We will be completely moved by September 22 and hope to start moving the office on September 1.

Blessings, Lynette