Saturday, August 06, 2005

I am so moved by the piece on the Today show and I thank everyone who had a hand in the work that created it. I am now trying to answer each email and phone call and it is amazing to read the stories and the messages from around this country. they show that the need is so great and loss so widespread.

I have heard from phtographers who are willing to help, but am hoping someone will alert some wonderful photographers in the Milwaukee and Dallas areas as we have a family in each that would like some lovely shots and at this time my schedule will not allow a trip in the time frame needed to capture these wonderful children.....if you of a talented shooter in those areas with a big heart, please have them email me.

I am so thankful for those who have stepped forward with a donation. With the response to the show being so large we will put each dollar to careful use. It is so important that people remember that we are thrilled with contributions of any size, with this work each dollar counts since we are offering the work to the families free of charge.

If you know of any foundations that would consider us for a grant we would be thrilled to hear as I have an amazing grant writer on the board of directors and we are gathering information for the time when we receive our 501c3.

I am adding the lovely Elise, from New Jersey to this email....She was on the Today show and is a beautiful child living with Tay Sachs......She lives at home with a family that is outstanding in every way....the care and love radiates from them and showers Elise with amazing warmth.

Feeling so honored by the words of compassion, Lynette