Sunday, July 24, 2005

On Friday night we had our first local fundraiser, hosted by Kathy and Jack Kindred, they had a vision to celebrate with friends and create a party with a was so much fun and brought in funds that will help keep this project alive and available to families......I am so thankful to them and to their friends for this support......the event was handled so perfectly through the help of my steadfast friend Sidni, she worked tirelessly to pull this off with help from Caitlin, Auni, Pierre, Isabella, Terra, Bret and my husband Doug.......Attending from Soulumination were Alice, mother of Josiah and Henry, Fred Moody, the writer of the articles that threw the project into the national spotlite and his wife Ann, plus Kelley Myers of our steering commitee and her husband Jeff.......we were able to display the first framed prints for the Soulumination Collection show set to open October 30 at St Marks Catherdral.

I am so happy with the prints for the show, they are beautifully framed through the generosity of Northwest Framing/ Museum Quality Framing and specifially Nick Hanauer......the prints themselves are wonderfully executed through the talent of my long time printer Shane of Moonphoto.......Without the help of Moonphoto and Museum Quality Framing we would not have been able to move ahead with this show. Please mark your calendars as we want all of you to attend the opening on October 30 at St Marks.....this event is going to be headed by Stephanie Solomon who is a party planner that I love and admire, she is one of the best in the country and I am honored to have her join with my dear friends Joan and Sally (mothers of the children that my work with Soulumination is dedicated to). I am thrilled to say that many of the Soulumination families plan on attending, including Brandon's from Edmonton, Alberta which gives us the international reach that I would not have dreamed possible in an organization so young.

We are forging ahead with the building blocks of the foundation, the flyer bringing in funds slowly and steadily, but really working so well to let so many new people know about the steering committee working very hard to create a simple yet viable framework to support the project....they are to be commended for all the hours they have devoted to getting things moving, especially in the areas of the application for a 501c3, the website construction and maintenance, and grant writing.

As you can see in the photograph taken while I was working with Elise's family in New Jersy by Jon who was part of the Today show crew, I am wearing one of the bracelets provided to the Soul mom's by GotCharm, each mother who has received one has been utterly delighted, I actually am the proud owner of two, one with my own amazing daughers and if you look closely you will see my second one, Joey Wes, my first angel baby.......I daily stand in wonder at the workings of all this, its hard to fathom that the People magazine article was dated February 14 and all this has happened in that short time.....I realize this points to the fact that the mission was one that was ready to be brought to light and that with the Today show airing the story in the fall that I am heading something much bigger that I ever dreamed possible, so the support is a blessing and I hope we continue to bring in funds to keep ahead of the demands........with love, Lynette