Sunday, July 31, 2005

I awake this morning overwhelmed by all there is to do in the next 3 is such a beautiful day and inside I know that eventually all will settle into a routine, but its both frightening and amazing to see where we have come in the short time since the People Magazine article was published, the pace is fast, the work is emotionally fulfilling and tough......I realize I come to love each child and their families and that is why its so obviously the right thing to do. I look back at the local news casts, each one so touching, as well as NPR, and the Seattle Times, ahead is The Today Show, the Pediatric Archives Journal and the show on October 30 at St Marks. Sprinkle in Camp Agape, EWomens Network Conference, the wonderful fund raiser at Jack and Kathy's, the trip to New York, Swedish Hospital work with the March of Dimes and the upcoming move to Ballard, plus my busiest time of year for my regular business, fullfulling each Soulumination request and I am really overwhelmed. Without the help of dedicated interns and volunteers I would be just stopped dead in this water. I sincerely thank all of you who allow me your support, even those who just listen and encourage are so important right now.

Funding is a real concern so any ideas are welcome. I so hope funds keep trickling in as we need office help so badly and always there are film costs associated with each shoot....... we hope to gain sponsorship of the show in October, it would work as amazing advertising to underwrite this show and get a name on board to read---Soulumination Collection presented by_________________. With national media spotlighting this work I am thinking someone will step forward with the support we need. We are so fortunate to have Museum Quality Framing with us for the framing of this work and they are definately getting recognition for their efforts.

I am attaching another photo from my time with Elise and her family in New Jersey. She is a most beautiful child and it was an honor to meet her and her loving family. Again I thank Jonathon Smith for his photographs of this special moment. With hope and wonder, Lynette