Saturday, July 30, 2005

I am very happy to post a few shots from the cancer camp, Camp Agape, that I had the priviledge to attend due to the generosity of my friend Nanette. The camp is in Gig Harbor and is headed up by the nicest couple and joining them were their two sons. Deb and Jeff are such warm and welcomming people that you feel at home as you arrive, they are pictured here with the smiles they wear so genuinely. I met a number of families that day, each with a story to tell, each family loving and kind, each family having battled through so much and showing such happiness at the outcome that it made my day one to remember. I am delighted to share a couple of photos of young Danny and his family. I was so touched by the fact that his lovley mom was teary just because I was there to record her amazing troop. Again, it seems like the least I can do when I have been so blessed in my career.

We are moving ahead with the seating of our board, it very exciting to welcome some new people and to embrace long time supporters. The photos are being printed and framed for October's show......the Today show producer and I are in touch daily as they work on the editing....Fred Moody kindly wrote an article for my mom to take to my home town newspaper in Sequim.....we heard from the IRS that our application is on file and waiting its turn for review.......I visit a new Soulumination baby on August 13....I will work at Swedish with a new program through the March of Dimes that is concentrating on many friends working so hard to make this project a success. I am honored and humbled by this show of support, Lynette