Monday, July 11, 2005

I am preparing for the trip to Dallas where I will speak to 1200 women about the project, its exciting to think that many new folks will hear about the work, a bit unnerving to think of speaking to so many but I will keep to the idea of honoring the babies and their stories.

We have had the most amazing offers in the last couple of days. Timothy's aunt who lives in Virginia is thinking of ways of raising funds for the work in her state and one of my first bride's is a special ed teacher and she is working to set up a fund raiser run by her students. Both of these offers touch my heart and make me see that loving help comes from all directions.

If any of you would like flyers to share with friends, please let us know as there is no better way of spreading the word than through close relationships. I have high but humble hopes that people will recognize that I need help with all this since the PR is spreading the word world wide and will be moved to offer a little financial support to allow me to have some part time help by the time the Today show airs.

Each day brings more amazing emails and calls and I am inspired by the outpouring of compassion, onward, Lynette