Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I am honored that we now have releases to show the amazing face of young Bennie, I met him at Children's hospital when filming with the Today show. His face is one to remember, his cheeks courtesy of the anti-rejection drugs that are part of his treatment. He is one happy and delightful little guy and it was my pleasure to record him. He is pictured on this page with his mother on the evening of our first day of filming in Seattle. He laughed at the bubbles blown by our producer Robin. I am so grateful that we were blessed with Robin's presence while working with the Today show crews as she won the heart of each child and vice versa would be my guess.

Still feeling the wonderful warmth from Friday's fund raiser, I am posting a few photos from the night, the first showing the fun of the raffle prize drawing with hostess Kathy on far right, one of her cohost and husband Jack and then finally the wonderful Kelley Myers and husband Jeff. Kelley joined in the efforts of this project after meeting me at a photo shoot and has since put up the entire web site and sat on our steering committee and given countless hours to this mission

I spent Monday in Gig Harbor at Camp Agape, a camp for children and their entire families who are living with cancer. I was introduced to this amazing experience by a treasured friend Nanette Hayre and am so grateful for her suggestion to photograph these wonderful families. I hope to see the photos later today and will post some here if it is agreeable with my subjects. Nanette and her husband so generously funded the film and processing. I hold a wish in my heart to return to camp next year, we will just have to see about the funding, but believe as always that in this work the right thing will work out.

My interns are hard at work assembling the pieces for the new office furniture. I am so grateful to TIPS foundation for providing these amazing young people to work with us this summer. I would like to mention my new friend Deanne Wilson who has been generously offering her time and talent to make the new office design work efficiently. Deanne has provided help in so many ways that she is indeed a godsend in this process. Doug and I hope to move this September and are so looking forward to sharing our new spaces with all of you. We have a new address but don't mail there until I let you know we are officially moved, but if you drive through Ballard take a peak, its on the corner of 52nd and 11th NW and the new address will be 5206 11th Ave NW.

My best to all of you who venture to this site, Lynette